Corporate training

Corporate training to be impactful requires an energetic and inspiring environment where concepts are concisely explained and demonstrated through interactive memorable experiences. Time for self-awareness and reflection is crucial as well. I develop my courses with this in mind and I am keen to design training sessions that are customised, meeting your specific needs.

I am able to use real life and personal stories during training sessions as I only offer training in my areas of expertise.


I offer technical and soft skills training on the following subjects:

  • Effective presentation, public speaking and storytelling 

  • Multicultural communication 

  • Global management

  • Continuous Improvement and innovation

  • Building resilience

  • Coaching 

  • Project management


All training sessions include optional group follow-up sessions to ensure participants are supported in the practice of their newly acquired skills. During follow-up sessions, participants get a chance to speak about their issues, learnings, and wins. They also have the opportunity to obtain feedback and further tips from the trainer acting now as a Coach. This is key for participants to embed their learning and for your company to get an optimised return on investment.

I can also provide personalised coaching sessions to participants.