​Change management

Place people at the center of your transformation to ensure success.

I am convinced that the secret to a successful change project is to really engage people to design the future ways of working collaboratively all along the way. We need to place people, users, clients and partners at the center of the transformation to ensure success. 


I can help you ensure you are driving a transformation for the better.

Digital transformation

  • Coach project teams in managing change : project governance, engagement, problem solving, (re)design of user experience journeys, continuous improvement

Cultural transformation

  • Assist in defining the target culture, the ‘why’ and assessing the current gap

  • Help with the change of culture with training, workshops, engagement

  • Facilitate team dialogues and problem solving workshops

Organisational change

  • Assist prior to the change : impact assessment, engagement,

  • Assist during the change : dialogues, managing the impact

  • Coach Leaders to manage the change